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Boys Club
4 min readJan 4, 2024

We surveyed the Boys Club community Discord about their predictions for the crypto industry in 2024, and this is what folks think will take shape.

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Boys Club


  1. Web3 Gaming will be even bigger (onchain tournaments, web2 gaming partnerships, retail fomo etc)
  2. Digital/Onchain reputation/activities will be rewarded and highlighted even more. #smart airdrop
  3. Every ‘delulu’ and online addict will know BoysClub (they already do, hi neighbour)
  4. Memes, gambling — dogs, cats, points (giraffes?)
  5. L3-L5’s because… why not


a cat altcoin will take center stage and moon


Prediction #1: Most of the commonly used curves (secp256k1 — Bitcoin, Ethereum, ed25519 — Solana, Tezos) will be deemed insecure for financial applications by end of 2024.

Prediction #2: MPC-based networks will start to emerge as practical L1s

@Samantha Marin

Prediction: The mainstream crypto narrative around “DAOs” will resurrect from the ashes — and take on a whole new life, enabled by the increase in L2s that need to be governed, DeFi airdrops that require governance, POINTS (lol)


Prediction — convenience drives success: people will realize that user adoption is non-existent unless the dapp is offering something better than the existing solution, even if the existing solution is centralized. So, convenience for the user and shipping actual products will become the priority.

@Kim Currier

Prediction — creating and owning your digital identity as an avatar becomes even more important as virtual worlds continue to expand, Gen Zers enter web3, and interoperability gains more steam through the use of VRMs.


  1. Web3 games that have been in the pipeline for a while will finally launch (think Cornucopias), and the gaming sector will experience a boom and a bust
  2. TradFi giants will clock on to the usefulness of tokenising real world assets and will scramble to get there first
  3. Bitcoin ETFs will actually be approved in Q1 2024
  4. BTC will experience a massive spike
  5. Points-based projects/experiments will be the first megatrend of 2024; it will be popularised for a short period of time but the providers soon experience exploitation of loopholes, and will have to re-assess the model and the value of the points
  6. TradFi will integrate, as part of their offering, crypto & tokenised financial assets for private clients; they will use third-parties for this to initially test the waters. If things pick up, in the coming years they will start developing their own bespoke blockchain platforms to remain in total control of their products yet again.


2024 prediction — memecoin meta


Prediction: wallets as the location for human readable messaging will drive better engagement for dapps and reduce phishing and other security issues.


A prediction for 2024; blockchain will become more and more important as an antidote to AI!! There’s about a million ways that the two technologies can counter balance one another but I think one of the most interesting ones is content-tagging. It’s going to keep getting increasingly difficult to tell if the content you encounter is human or AI-generated / real or fake. This sucks for creators and also is fuelling a lot of fake news (one of the craziest examples of this from 2023 was the AI-generated images of the Pentagon exploding that went viral and caused the S&P to dip.)

Blockchain (combined with zero knowledge primitives) is the perfect solution because it allows both traceability and privacy. This means we can do things like tag content with cryptographic signatures/stamps/proofs that can prove content was generated by a human without forcing the person to reveal their identity/attach their name to their work/hand over private data in the process.

@Ivy Astrix

Prediction: 2024 will be the year of crypto friend breakups over one party being happy about a republican win (if it happens) for crypto reasons.


  1. Curation as a Service takes off
  2. A crypto product finally hits PMF
  3. AI meets digital identity late 2024


1. PFP projects by anonymous founders will decline. Investment will shift to artists with a focus on community engagement.

2. NFT prices will lower, with mints ranging from $5 to $50, or even free. Community vetting will drive exclusivity, not just high prices.

3. Women’s involvement in web3 will go beyond tokenism, with a rise in good female-led projects.

4. Hiring in web3 will favor those with a cultural fit over traditional qualifications, making it easier for web3 natives. No more ATS maybe.

5. NFT communities will start to focus on themes of longevity and wellness.